1301 Lefthand Drive
Longmont, Colorado 80501
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(269) 579-0290
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Vegan Friendly

Future Fit Foods LLC.

Specialty Food Store
Soups & Stews
Non-GMO (Not Certified)
Organic (Certified) Ingredients
Future Fit Foods is a woman and minority-owned food business out of Longmont, Colorado. We bring delicious, nutrient packed, plant-based mini meals to people through novel food and packaging solutions. Our line of SUPPAS are instantly fresh plant-based and portable soups that are easy to carry and ready in 3 minutes so they can be enjoyed at home, in the office, on the road and in the great outdoors. We use an Incan-inspired technique to preserve the maximum nutrients and freshness of ingredients in our foods and package them in pouches made from industrial certified compostable materials.
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