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Pfaltzgraff Farms, LLC

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Pfaltzgraff Farms is a family farm under its third generation of management. The farm was originally purchased in 1950 with the name Fairview Farm. It was operated by Roy III's grandparents, August and Earlene, until 1975 when Roy Jr. and Kathy took over management. They farmed it until 2017 when Roy III returned, bringing Barb along. The farm is currently operated by both families with the management decisions being made with experienced wisdom and youthful energy. The farm, when it was operated by August, raised hard red winter wheat, barley, millet, grain sorghum (milo), and hay. After Roy Jr. started management of the farm, he added the crops hard white winter wheat, sunflower, and corn. So now it is on to the ideas of a new generation. Roy III and Barb have added bees (we are the only producer of buckwheat honey in Colorado), edible beans, chickens and processed grains as both flours and mixes including gluten free. Our operating philosophy is built around what is best for all involved. We are not organic because using organic methods are not successful or sustainable in our arid climate in Northeast Colorado. We receive, on average, 14 inches of rainfall a year, and we joke that sometimes it comes all in one storm. We do use herbicides and commercial fertilizers, but we follow the guidance of our agronomist, who is a Certified Crop Advisor. We do not apply those freely because not only is it irresponsible, it is also very expensive. We integrate technology into the operation whenever possible. Roy Jr. has used computers for farm management and record keeping since 1979. He also added using auto steer with GPS guidance to steer the tractor whenever we spray or seed crops. We have used this technology for over ten years and would not farm without it. The operation has been farming no-till, meaning we don't turn the soil, since 1999, and our yields have been increasing thanks to that. We have also noticed that we do not have any soil erosion during heavy rains and there is no dirt blowing when the wind picks up. Thanks to no-till farming, we have seen three-inch rains be absorbed by the soil instead of running off. There has been a positive impact on the environment thanks to no-till as well. We have seen more types of wildlife in the last couple of years thanks to the available cover that was previously been worked under with tillage. We now see deer, wild turkeys, pheasants in higher numbers than ever before and we are starting to see animals, like antelope and elk, which haven't been seen in this area in years. We believe part of our farm's mission is to help educate the public about where their food is grown and in the process offer our products directly to the consumers so they can taste the difference. We are always working on improving our soils which ensures our farm will be operating for future generations.
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