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No-MaTer Sauce Company LLC

Specialty Food Store
Condiments & Sauces
No-MaTer Sauce Company LLC is a brand new Colorado-based startup bringing to market tomato-free sauces that taste delicious! In late 2016 my husband found that he had developed a tomato allergy. The days of BBQ ribs, lasagna, spaghetti, and even fries dipped in a delicious tomato-based fry sauce seemed to be over. Taste is such a huge part of life that I decided to see what we could do to mix it up. There HAD to be a way to mimic the zesty yumminess that a tomato brings to a dish without causing him distress. Now, after two years of experimentation and another couple years of figuring out how to market a product and start a business, I have launched my first product: No-MaTer Marinara Sauce! This sauce's base is carrots and beets, two super foods, but has a unique blend of spices so as to meld the flavors to trick the tastebuds into believing it is a normal tomato-based marinara sauce. Even the appearance, through no additives, looks like a regular marinara sauce. With no preservatives added, healthier and simpler ingredients, and nightshade free, No-MaTer Marinara Sauce can bring tomato-like flavor back to those of us who avoid tomatoes for any number of reasons: allergy, auto-immune, and even acid reflux due to tomato.
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