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másLabor is a business-to-business consulting firm specializing in employment-based visa programs. We are the nation's leading provider of comprehensive H-2A (agricultural) and H-2B (non-agricultural) services, representing thousands of American businesses that depend on our professional expertise to understand the programs' complex regulatory requirements. We also provide services to businesses seeking to employ skilled Mexican and Canadian professionals through the TN program and employers seeking to sponsor their foreign workers for lawful permanent residence in the U.S. (i.e. "green cards"). másLabor was established in 2003 by Libby Whitley, whose leadership experience included two decades in Washington, D.C. advocating on behalf of agricultural and other seasonal employers. másLabor continues as a preeminent industry leader and supporter of seasonal businesses. We serve on the National Council of Agricultural Employers (NCAE) Executive Committee, and are a Seasonal Employment Alliance (SEA) founding member.
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