5801 County Road 193
Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147
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RanchitoAlegre LLC

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RanchitoAlegre ("joyous little ranch") is in the business of producing food and edification for others by regenerative agriculture. The Candelaria family settled in Southwest Colorado over a century ago, caring for the land, harvesting sunshine. Different branches of the extended family raised sheep, cattle goats and other livestock, cultivated gardens, trained horses, and built adobe homes.. We appreciate the long history of close cooperation with those who already lived in the area and those who came and the ingenuity and grit by which those rugged but gentle souls enduredthrough good times and bad. We are honor and enlarge the cultural heritage in a modern context using multi-species cover cropping, rotational diversity grazing and regenerative agriculture. Our goal is to work with nature to produce wholesome natural products to share with others. LIvestock is raised and processed as naturallly as possible and sold direct to consumers. RanchitoAlegre LLC RanchitoAlegre means RegenerativeAgriculture We don't treat our Soil like Dirt https://RanchitoAlegre.EatFromFarms.com/
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