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ReKaivery Inc.

Farm Market
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ReKaivery is a newly formed public benefit corporation recovering local food networks through the creation of food hubs, which are shipping containers renovated into mini marketplaces. ReKaivery’s food hubs will provide a space for local farmers to sell on consignment and allow consumers to conveniently shop local products six days a week, without traveling far to do so. In partnership and in proximity to local farmers' markets, ReKaivery will be closed while the market is open, encouraging consumers to purchase products directly from the farmer. We collaborate, not compete. For farmers, ReKaivery is not your typical retailer, either. ReKaivery will sell food on consignment, ensuring farmers have full ownership of their food and autonomy over their prices. This helps farmers achieve more equitable returns compared to wholesale models. As a future SNAP retailer, this also opens farmers to a bigger customer base. We believe everyone should know who grows their food, and the farmer will be at the forefront of the ReKaivery shopping experience. Accompanying the farmers’ space will be information to educate and connect consumers to who they’re buying from; the farm’s branding, location, story, and distance away from the hub (food mileage) will be on display. Shopping local should be convenient. It should be equitable. It should be fulfilling. ReKaivery is setting out to make food shopping a better experience for all. Launching April 2022.
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